Why constructors don't want to learn from their mistakes?

This is the third morning I wake up very early because our neighbors are very loud and they are continuously arguing on something. ūüė†
I couldn't fall asleep again so I was thinking. Was thinking about why I can hear every single word they are yelling at each other. 
I had bunch of thoughts then, a mini root cause analysis in my mind. 
  • Why I am hearing these stuff? 
  • Why isn't there good enough insulation in the house? 
  • Why the hell I cannot make the constructor change this? 
  • Well, why the hell we hadn't discussed it with them in advance, when it would have been easier to amend anything??

Actually...why the hell they don't care/don't want to know these stuff? 
And that's the point! They don't want to know. Constructors never want to learn from their mistakes. Or they don't dare to learn?...
The "normal" way of a house handover is if the constructors manage to hand it over and if the buyer doesn't notice the deficiencies for some reasons at that point, they 
sneak out of our lives and we don't see them any more. 
We can't reach them if there are any issues. And anyways, they already work on the next house, committing the same mistakes for the next buyers. 
Let's just imagine a world where these people really want to learn from their mistakes...hm, no, one step backward: first of all they would want to know their mistakes. Haha, even writing it down is funny. Anyways. Let's just play with this. So they hand the house over, you take it and check every single square centimeter and at that very second you don't see the deficiencies. But later on as you start to "use" your house, start to live in there, you really start to experience the worse things too. Like if something not works as expected, if there is no sound-proofing at all for instance etc. And this is how it works in the 99% of the cases, right? That you start to notice these things when you live in there. 
Here let me draw a parallel: if you build a software product and not paying enough attention to the different user workflows, it is inevitable for the user to find the bugs whilst using the system in their daily work/life, right? Ok, constructors, if they are people (?), they would need to know the "user workflows" as they also doing that on a daily basis as hopefully they live in houses. ūüėä 
So, yeah, we are now in a world - at least here in this blogpost - where constructor people want to learn and improve. After they handed the house over few weeks later there is the first retrospective already scheduled. Where constructor comes, possibly with their staff, and we can discuss what is good, bad or needs improvement. We would feel better, wouldn't we? Because we could talk to these people and tell them what the problems are (we shouldn't forget mentioning the good things either though!) and they could really benefit from it, because in their next house building project they can reuse these things, what's more, they could maybe properly advise to the buyers. They would become waaay more popular than their competitors, believe me! 
I think this is not doable right now, because constructors wouldn't dare to do this, because if they would walk in and say, ok here I am please tell me everything you think good/bad for me to improve things that I am doing, buyers would start yelling and claiming money back etc. 
We would need to provide the circumstances for these things, by finding the right balance and the good communication between the constructors and the buyers. I believe that this culture could be created, but we would all need to learn and improve a lot beforehand.